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As part of our Dynamics CRM and Azure engagements, we have built products that we are making available to our clients and to the CRM community. Check out what we have in store and contact us for more information.

SharpXRM Address Validation for Dynamics CRM

SharpXRM Address Validation is a free light weight add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2016. As its name indicates, it is used to validate the address information of CRM record such as Contact, Account, Lead or custom entities containing address information.

SharpXRM Address Validation uses the Bing Location API to perform the address validation. It requires a Bing Maps API Key which you must generate from the Bing Maps portal. You can download the installation guide from here and the Managed CRM Solutions with the links below.

We also have a commercial version of the tool which uses a robust address validation API to correct single addresses or multiple in bulk using CRM workflows. For more information, reach out to us

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